FAQs for Career Seekers

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Q: How much do I have to pay you for finding me employment?

A:We do not charge career seekers for our recruitment services.

Q: How does the recruitment process work?

After you respond to our advert or apply through the website we operate a clear and easy to follow recruitment process.

View the Smilers recruitment process for career seekers.

Q: When will you let me know?

A: We’ll keep you updated as best we can, but please remember that we can only provide feedback once our clients have communicated with us. You are welcome to remain in contact with us.

Q: What else do you offer?

A:We offer services such as skills assessments, background verification, access to an industrial psychologist. You can view these services on the What we do for you section.

Q: May we register with other recruiters?

A: Yes, but please inform us if you do.

Q: What do I do if I receive a counter offer?

A: While employers might make you a counter offer thinking they can’t manage without you, this is often done in the heatof the moment. After a period of time though, you might find that the relationship with your employer and your position in the company is no longer what it was.

Your bargaining actions may have eroded the company’s trust in you, in fact, according to many recruiters, some 70-80% of people who accept counter offers either leave or face performance management processes within a year.

Before you accept a counter offer, think why you began to look for a new job. Although money is often the key motivator, there might have been other factors such as boredom, personality clashes, culture fits or deadlines – all factors that won’t go away even if you do get a salary increase.

It took a lot to get a salary increase, right? You had to threaten to leave! There’s no reason to think that future salary increases will be any easier and your actions may well be an excuse to deny you any future increases.

The employer may call your bluff, and you may be forced to take a job you don’t really want.

The potential new employer is unlikely to consider you again since you have gone through the entire recruitment process only to accept a counter offer from your current employer. You might be shutting a door for the future.

So, while there be a situation where accepting a counter offer seems like a good idea and works out, a positive outcome is rare. We advise extreme caution before considering this course of action.

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